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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: photography

Geotag Photos Pro

I gave Geotag Photos Pro a trial last weekend and it did a great job storing geolocation info on a photo walk around my downtown. The desktop app worked perfectly to sync that data with the photos I took. This is a nice solution to geotagging pics from the ‘big’ camera.

Fuji X Weekly

Nice photo blog focused on Fuji X cameras, with a bunch of custom film modes to experiment with. Imagine my surprise to start scrolling through and see photos of my old hometown!

I spent an unreasonable amount of time today making an automator action to resize and rescale photos that I drop into a folder. It kind of boggles me that Photos can’t do this more easily.

Seems like I have this conversation about twice per year, but it looks like it is time to go to Lightroom Classic CC. I’m torn because I don’t think I need most of what it does, anymore, but twelve years of old Lightroom history gives me an awful lot of hard-to-overcome inertia.

Rediscovrng Flickr

I'm slowly starting to explore Flickr again and am enjoying "catching up" with the handful of active contacts I still have there. My steep downturn in activity surely coincided with feeling like the place had just changed so much from when I first started using it, that the community feel and early-web2.0 vibe of discovering and making a place together, that had made it really special -- just wasn't there anymore.