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Thanks for visiting. I’m Alan, and this is a little spot for me to think out loud about things, mostly nerdery. I have been a sociologist, a clinical researcher, an IT guy of various roles, and am now working in analytics for a team with lots of interesting problems to solve.

If you enjoy what I write here or have questions or comments, please get in touch. You can send me email to alan at this domain.

You can also comment on things here at Pretty Good Hat using webmentions or via replies at my micro blog.

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This is the second generation of Pretty Good Hat, circa roughly the end of January 2017. The original was a static blog rendered from a bunch of markdown files by some homebuilt ruby nonsense. This iteration is built with Hugo from a bunch of markdown files. I host with Pair Networks (hosting drama backstory), and write in various tools on a Mac and iOS.


I’m using Pretty Good Hat to plant some stakes in the Indieweb — a concept of decentralized networking that emphasizes owning one’s own online presence and content. The site supports webmentions, syndication, and posting to Hugo via micropub and media endpoints. You can read about some of my indieweb adventures via the #indieweb tag.