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Pretty Good Hat

About Pretty Good Hat

Thanks for visiting. I’m Alan. I’m currently a data science and data engineering team leader. I like hobby #rstats, coffee, and getting up early.

You can reach me by email to alan at this domain, and you can comment on my posts here using webmentions or via replies at micro blog, where I syndicate posts.

Use your feed reader to subscribe to the Pretty Good Hat RSS feed, and you can also find me at my (dormant?) tilde club hangout.


This is the third generation of Pretty Good Hat, circa early January 2021. The original was a static blog rendered from a bunch of markdown files by some homebuilt ruby nonsense. This is the second revision based on Hugo (first Hugo revision notes here and here) and as always is built from a bunch of markdown files. It’s also mostly nonsense, still. I host with Pair Networks (having once been part of a great hosting community that I still miss sometimes), and write in various tools on a Mac and iOS.


The site supports webmentions, syndication, and posting to Hugo via micropub and media endpoints. You can read about some of my indieweb adventures via the #indieweb tag.


  • There are 1105 total posts since my first post here on Aug 8, 2012 !
  • 91694 total words!
  • 82 words per post, average!

Stats shortcode for Hugo from plugin-post-stats for, by @amit.