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Pretty Good Hat

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In other blog news, I’ve swapped in webmention support for links from Mastodon, at least partially. Reposts aren’t quite displayed as I’d like, but likes and replies should be working. I had to remember/rediscover a couple of bits of blog plumbing, which makes me sort of want to revise my whole setup here. BUT. I don’t think I’ll go quite that far.

I’ve learned just enough about go conditionals and comparisons within Hugo templates to revise my lil blog’s “now” page list of “posts on this day” to “posts on and around this day.” Solid.

There is still a pretty good tape and baling wire aspect of it, but I’m pretty pleased to have put together a nicely-working revision to my photo posting, using a MacOS shortcut to upload photos to my media endpoint and output their destination URLs to a list that I can grab from in Drafts to compose and post. It was nice learning for a Saturday, too.

It’s a quiet and bitter cold first morning of the year for me. I took the dog outside in the zero degrees F dark, and then she went right back to her warm bed. I’m ready for my second cup of coffee while the first tiny bit of dawn is starting to differentiate the one-black sky from the mountain. All in all, it’s much like any early morning this winter, albeit far colder after this week’s snowstorms have moved on. A lot of things in the past week have made it hard to feel reflective on the close out of the past year and start of the next. Here’s hoping for resolution of those uncertainties and a chance at some calm, some restoration, and maybe also some joy in 2022.

The great part about running a static blog with Hugo is remembering how all the partials and templates and stuff work, after only minimal hunting and finding in the terminal. That done, I’m enjoying making a few small updates and doing some cleaning this Saturday afternoon.

hello world

I think the first push of this site revision broke my RSS feed, but I have now – I hope – identified and fixed that. So, hello again, all. I think Pretty Good Hat is publishing correctly once again!

Following up from a couple of days ago, I have propped the new look of Pretty Good Hat up on the server and pushed the big red go button. I expect things are broken, still (in particular I don’t know what this will do to my feed, and I know webmentions are all sideways). Hey, happy new year; let’s see what happens.

edit: I may have webmentions working again, huzzah!

Having intended to make a couple of small style sheet tweaks to my hugo blog, I am now recompiling go.

I finally sat down and solved a problem that’s bothered me since I put up this site, and that’s to increase the file upload size limit for my media endpoint. No more cropped/resized photo uploads for me! Maybe now I’ll even build thumbnails and a lightbox.