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Pretty Good Hat

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hello world

I think the first push of this site revision broke my RSS feed, but I have now – I hope – identified and fixed that. So, hello again, all. I think Pretty Good Hat is publishing correctly once again!

Following up from a couple of days ago, I have propped the new look of Pretty Good Hat up on the server and pushed the big red go button. I expect things are broken, still (in particular I don’t know what this will do to my feed, and I know webmentions are all sideways). Hey, happy new year; let’s see what happens. edit: I may have webmentions working again, huzzah!

Having intended to make a couple of small style sheet tweaks to my hugo blog, I am now recompiling go.

I finally sat down and solved a problem that’s bothered me since I put up this site, and that’s to increase the file upload size limit for my media endpoint. No more cropped/resized photo uploads for me! Maybe now I’ll even build thumbnails and a lightbox.