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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: music

Album cover for the Japandroids album Massey Fucking Hall.  Happy Friday. Listen to some fucking Japandroids.

Photo of an iPad on a wooden counter, showing Josh Ritter playing a guitar My view of Josh Ritter’s Silo Session tonight: a full performance of So Runs the World Away in its 10th anniversary! ❤️ 🎶

Screenshot of cover art for Waxahatchee’s album Saint Cloud Cover art and lyrics for Micah Schnabel’s song Death Defying Feats I’ve been making time to listen to music before bed lately. The new album from Waxahatchee is so brilliant. And Frank Turner turned me on to Micah Schnabel a few weeks ago. His writing and singing is urgent, cutting and moving.

I missed the live broadcast last night because of My Work, so watching Josh Ritter’s latest Silo Session with lunch is a real treat. It has been special to “gather” with family dispersed far away and share these performances the past few weeks.

Image of the album cover for Great Days, a young John Prine leaning against a wall I vividly remember riding in the front passenger seat of a VW Rabbit, on the way up the steep road to Powder Mountain with my dad, listening to a tape of John Prine. I was probably nine. It may be the first memory I have of really paying attention to music. (It was certainly the first time my dad explained marijuana to me, when I asked what Illegal Smile meant! Later I would read the liner notes for his wonderful anthology “Great Days,” where Prine asserts that the song was never about drugs, but it became such a beloved pot smoker anthem that he didn’t have the heart to break it to them.

Crap. I got new speakers and amplifier, and now I’m one of those insufferable guys who can tell the difference between mp3 and FLAC. 🎶 DON’T SAY OGG VORBIS

What’s the German for constantly worrying you are confusing Strand of Oaks with Band of Horses?