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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: music

a screenshot showing a panel of red and blue horizontal bars indicating play counts for artists.

Inspired by all the enthusiasm for Spotify’s end-of-year Wrapped summaries, tuneR is my extremely rudimentary first start at my own version, done in R/Shiny. I’d love to hear if it works for you and what else would make it more fun!

TIL: The very cool cloud music sync service Soundiiz is now synchronizing with the very cool independent music store Bandcamp. 👍

Roon produces really nice composited images for sharing, but they’re still essentially isolated from the rest of the world – there’s no link as part of its sharing output. Last night I spent just enough time getting familiar enough with roon-extension-http-api to figure out how to link from its view of catalog or the now playing screen out to songwhip, which will produce a link to several listening platforms and stores. Cool!

The Roon guys are promoting their big v1.8 revision and it looks good! My key desire is for an easier to read view of long text passages, a volume controller that doesn’t feel as fiddly/pixel-precise, and to figure out why my NUC keeps disconnecting from my network.