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Tag: music

TIL: The very cool cloud music sync service Soundiiz is now synchronizing with the very cool independent music store Bandcamp. 👍

Revised my /now page over the weekend. I’ve been replacing the old notes entirely, but wonder if I should keep it as a running log, instead.

Roon produces really nice composited images for sharing, but they’re still essentially isolated from the rest of the world – there’s no link as part of its sharing output. Last night I spent just enough time getting familiar enough with roon-extension-http-api to figure out how to link from its view of catalog or the now playing screen out to songwhip, which will produce a link to several listening platforms and stores.

The Roon guys are promoting their big v1.8 revision and it looks good! My key desire is for an easier to read view of long text passages, a volume controller that doesn’t feel as fiddly/pixel-precise, and to figure out why my NUC keeps disconnecting from my network.

An album cover for If You Didn’t Laugh You’d Cry Roon surfaced this fantastic Marah album for me this afternoon. “The Dishwasher’s Dreams” is my favorite song on the album, raucous and desperate and hopeful.

Image of an album cover  This Mandolin Orange cover of Gregory Alan Isakov’s Amsterdam is just lovely for this afternoon’s listening.

My 2020 in Songs

I’m not the one to write a “best of” list of any kind, so I leave that to the experts and music pro-sumers — my friend Brayden has a well-informed and eclectic best-of 2020 list that is full of insight, for example. Instead, this is a recollection of memories as they come to me through some of the music that I listened to this year, in roughly chronological order. [Playlist]

Photo of a TV screen showing Josh Ritter playing a guitar and smiling 🎵 Josh Ritter performed another Silo Show from his home on Saturday. He likened our quarantines to sitting at so many small, lonely campfires in the dark, and that with these performances we get to, for a while, sit together at one fire. It was a beautiful, moving sentiment.