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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: music

An album cover for If You Didn’t Laugh You’d Cry Roon surfaced this fantastic Marah album for me this afternoon. “The Dishwasher’s Dreams” is my favorite song on the album, raucous and desperate and hopeful.

Image of an album cover  This Mandolin Orange cover of Gregory Alan Isakov’s Amsterdam is just lovely for this afternoon’s listening.

My 2020 in Songs

I’m not the one to write a “best of” list of any kind, so I leave that to the experts and music pro-sumers — my friend Brayden has a well-informed and eclectic best-of 2020 list that is full of insight, for example. Instead, this is a recollection of memories as they come to me through some of the music that I listened to this year, in roughly chronological order. [Playlist]

Photo of a TV screen showing Josh Ritter playing a guitar and smiling 🎵 Josh Ritter performed another Silo Show from his home on Saturday. He likened our quarantines to sitting at so many small, lonely campfires in the dark, and that with these performances we get to, for a while, sit together at one fire. It was a beautiful, moving sentiment.

Josh Rotter’s The Animal  Years album cover beside a turntable  Now playing: Josh Ritter’s The Animal Years. #nowspinning Might just play records all night, y’all

Album cover for the Japandroids album Massey Fucking Hall.  Happy Friday. Listen to some fucking Japandroids.

Photo of an iPad on a wooden counter, showing Josh Ritter playing a guitar My view of Josh Ritter’s Silo Session tonight: a full performance of So Runs the World Away in its 10th anniversary! ❤️ 🎶