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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: food

A close up shot of a pizza with big chunks of chicken showing through melted cheeses, atop red tomato sauce.

Yes, indeed, that’s brie, blue cheese and chicken on last night’s pizza. Yes, indeed, it was delicious.

a pizza sitting on a wooden cutting board. It's topped with bright green slices of cooked sprouts, contrasting with white cheese and red sauce.

Pizza tonight: Brussels sprouts and oyster mushrooms! This was a good one. My gluten-free toaster-oven crust continues to do All Right.

Per policy, I ate the last piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast, straight from the baking dish, standing at the sink.

Also, breaking news: Tonight we made another pie.

A mound of tater tots surround a breakfast sandwich of avocado and egg on a toasted english muffin

I picked up breakfast this morning from Tourist Home, one of my pre-pandemic favorite spots, and brought it home to enjoy on the porch in cool, damp weather. The sandwich got a bit smushed in transit, but was still fantastic.

Two white bowls containing dark broth, rice noodles, chunks of pork and bright orange carrots

On New Years Eve, most years, I make homemade pho. Last night, on our first cold, wet, wintery night of the season, a bowl of hot boxed broth and noodles quite hit the spot.

pumpkin pie on a kitchen counter

After years of working at it, my wife has unlocked the secret to the scratch-made gluten-free, egg-free pumpkin pie. We ate a lot of these through this holiday season, and while she is suggesting that this is the final pumpkin pie of the season, I am opting to think of it as the first pumpkin pie of 2021, instead.