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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: indieweb

Eli has fever and the only treatment is more! This is a great writeup and captures a lot of the enthusiasm shared around the m.b communities. 👏

Thanks – microformats were a little off! Aaron helped me identify a nested h-entry tag and now the like appears to be parsed correctly.

Further adventures in IndieWeb

I've had a fun couple of weeks of continued indieweb stand-up. 

  • (new) My own installation of Quill, which I stood up yesterday and modified slightly in order to add small annotations to like-type posts. 
  • (new) In the process, I got likes more fully wired up so that they appear the way I want them to and get syndicated properly (I think).
    • Doing this with more post types is on the to-do list.
  • (new-ish) All of prettygoodhat is served up securely with Let's Encrypt.
  • (new-ish) A working media endpoint! Thanks to aaronpk/media-endpoint.php. I can't say enough about the reduction in friction of being able to use any Micropub client to not only post but add images to the site. It's like living in a magic future.
    • It's magic, especially when an app like Sunlit can flawlessly connect and post images.
  • (reasonably recent) Implementation of Nanopub from @dgold, enabling micropub-based publishing to Hugo.
  • Webmentions via
    • (I've started sending webmentions with Telegraph.)

I still haven't hooked up any other syndication than to; maybe I'll get around to that, though I'm not feeling a great void by not having Twitter replies or other platforms integrated. (I suppose Bridgy should help make that easy, though.)

In the process of doing all this, I've made some small optimizations to my Hugo templates (which are nonetheless still horrible) and learned a ton about the mechanics of IndieAuth. I've really had a good time and feel rewarded by these efforts to own my own piece of the web. 

screenshot showing Let's Encrypt status

/Now: Really happy with how easy the one-click installation of Let’s Encrypt certificates is with Pair Networks! I have some configs to update to take advantage of it, and it’s amazing that this will take longer than actually enabling SSL. 🔐!