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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: photos

In dusk light reflecting off the surrounding buildings, a man with a small dog walks at the top of a short stairway painted with flowers. At the top of the stairs a colorful sign reads SLU, for South Lake Union in Seattle.

Far from home, havjng arrived in Seattle after a two-day trip. I haven’t been in this part of the country for many years; it’s quite something to be back.

In blue dusk light, a great horned own sits on top of a utility pole with homes and a ridge in the background. The photo is just a little too far away to see clearly, but the owl’s shape, ear tufts and face are visible.

I’ve been hearing great horned owl hoots pre-dawn lately, and last night we heard them as the sun went behind the ridge. Out the window, we saw this fine beauty perched and calling out.

A landscape showing low, rutted hills leading to the cut cliffs of the Grand Canyon. In the distance are the snowy ridges of the North Rim.

I stopped at the Gap, south of Page, Arizona, on a long day’s road trip earlier this week. I’ve always loved this view of the Grand Canyon cutting through the landscape, but haven’t paused here for photos in years.

I’ve moved away from Lightroom because I’m shooting almost 100% in jpegs when I use my Fuji cameras, and so found I had to do some spelunking to get it up and running again. But now: Whoa. Scrolling through that LR library makes my chest ache with weight of memory and time.