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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: photos

A set of bright red windowpanes frame a reflection in the glass of a photographer with a silver camera to hit face. He is wearing a yellow knit hat and yellow leather gloves. Behind the glass several chairs and a long bar counter are visible in warm indoor light.

I did get out for a quick photo walk downtown yesterday before getting rained out. I liked this selfie I shot in the window of a brewpub and I’m really enjoying using my old 35mm Pentax lens on my X-T30 as I get more used to manual focus.

A hand holds a small box titled ‘Inspiracles: photography inspiration cards’ and has fanned three large playing card sized cards. The top card is titled ‘Neon Portrait’ and suggests taking futuristic styled photos with neon lights.

My wife got me this fun and thoughtful photography gift: a deck of photo inspiration cards with prompts for things to look for or styles of photos to make. They’re really neat! I’m going out on a pre-winter-storm walk this morning to try out a few.

A Lelit espresso machine photographed at an angle and showing a narrow depth of field with a blurred, small cup beside it.

I got an adapter and I’m excited to use my old Pentax lenses on my Fujifilm X-T30. (This is with the SMC FA 35mm)

A silver and black camera sits on a bright, narrow countertop, lens pointing away. The light is bright, making the shadow very stark and deep behind the camera.

I found that the battery on my Fuji X-T30 no longer holds a charge, so I’m making photos this Thanksgiving with my X100S while I order a replacement battery. Gosh this camera feels so good to hold and use. It’s just so elegant and solid and graceful. I should carry it everywhere.

A close-cropped photo of a green coffee cup sits beside an open Macbook in front of a glowing, electric fireplace.

My early morning routine this holiday week has been journaling and coffee by the fireplace. It’s a small, electric fire that doesn’t put out a lot of heat, but it warms my toes a bit when it’s cold.