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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: photos

a townscaper screenshot with many platforms and tall support struts building a high tower Today in Townscaper: A series of terraces lead steeply upward from the pier, to a tower where either a wizard or a coffee shop overlook the town.

Photo of a row of trees with blue, cloudy sky. The leaves have turned brown and gold. In just a couple of days these leaves have turned even more brilliantly to autumn. This row of trees used to be my barometer for autumn, but I don’t drive past them every day like I used to. Now I catch them on my walks with the dog a little less frequently. I’m happy to see them changing with the season, and more than a little wistful at the time that has passed this year.

I finally sat down and solved a problem that’s bothered me since I put up this site, and that’s to increase the file upload size limit for my media endpoint. No more cropped/resized photo uploads for me! Maybe now I’ll even build thumbnails and a lightbox.

photo of a pizza on a wooden cutting board Last night’s gluten free pizza was pretty good: Ham, spicy red peppers, chopped figs, and fresh basil.

A view across a lake, with clouds and trees reflected in the water The water was quiet and still yesterday morning, with just a little smokey haze. It was a beautiful hour of paddling on the lake.