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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: photos

I’ve been shooting all jpg for several years now, including on my Fuji, but the camera on this iPhone 14 has me thinking of trying out raw again. Wow.

A gloved hands holds a small bulb. The interior of a car wheel well is in the background.

I replaced headlight bulbs on the car yesterday. Compared to prior cars I’ve had it was a pretty good project: Required removing the wheel well cover and reaching into the back of the hard-to-see light assembly. Got it done!

A small orange coffee cup sits in a yellow metal patio table, beside a notebook and silver pen. The dawn light is gray due to clouds.

My morning routine of coffee and journaling on the front porch is pushed back a bit day by day as sunrise comes later and later. It rained a bit overnight and it’s lovely, cool and damp this particular morning.

a hand holds an orange dish containing a round graham cracker, brown-toasted marshmallow, and piece of chocolate on top. The chocolate is stamped with the brand Enjoy Life.

We rounded out our birthdays week here with s’mores of homemade, gluten free graham crackers and allergy-friendly chocolate!

A soft hoagie roll holds a pile of browned meat layered with cheese and pickled onion and herbs. Beside it sit a white paper bag of homemade potato chips and a dark reddish brown cocktail on ice.

Yesterday was a pretty good one-more-year milestone: A tough early workout followed by nature’s perfect food – the breakfast burrito – some Destiny 2 time with kiddo, a tremendous monsoon storm in the afternoon, and dinner of this amazing pork confit bánh mi.