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Pretty Good Hat

Tag: computers

Screenshot showing the synology interface identifying a failing hard drive that needs to be replaced

One of my Synology drives has been reporting errors for a little while. I’m glad I ordered replacement drives last night!

I’m experimenting with Amethyst for the first time in quite a while. I’m curious if there are other good tiling WMs for Mac OS that folks really like these days? Any recommendations?

A screenshot showing a Backblaze error message instructing the user to compare files to their backup

Backblaze entered this “freeze state” a couple of weeks ago and their tools to figure out what to do about it are sort of baffling. I’m supposed to compare my files to my backup state? All of them? How? For an indispensable piece of software, its usability is sometimes so disappointing.

I successfully made some small changes in a Shiny app to use the {pins} package to separate out a support file and data definitions from the app bundle itself. This lets me revise supporting information without needing to republish the app. It’s pretty cool! I’m excited to use the package lots more.

Any friends have firsthand experience comparing the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse? I’d like to get some gestures back now that I’m using a Mac for work at my desk.

I: Spend days carefully curating config files, reinstalling homebrew and trying variations of arm and x86 binaries

RStudio: Do you even ODBC, bro?

I: Just profanely put the path to the driver in the dbConnect call, disregarding all documentation and common sense.

RStudio: Yah here’s your SQL Server.