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Tag: peloton

A Peloton share card showing Christine D’Ercole smiling, forelight on a dark background. The ride is titled Power Zone Endurance Ride, dated Sept 17, 2023, and was 60 minutes. A heart rate graph at the bottom shows that most of the ride was in HR zone 3.

Really great ride this morning to start my Sunday. It’s a busy week: I’m remotely attending Posit::conf in addition to the pile of regular things going on, and I’m enjoying watching enthusiastic attendees join the conference discord and say hello.

A Peloton ride share image, showing Matt Wilpers fist-pumping. It is a power zone endurance ride, 45 minutes long, and shows most of the time I was in the yellow heart rate zone (zone 3).

I haven’t posted one of these for a while. I enjoyed this morning’s indoor ride. It’s nice to be back on the “good” bike after being away for much of the summer.

An infographic summarizing a Peloton high intensity and hills ride. Instructor Ally Love stands at the right side in a pink top, hands on her hips.

Vacation days are great! Today I improved RideShare, my Shiny app that makes shareable ride cards from my Peloton workouts. I had to update to accommodate the new images that the API sends, and I added a clickable history to build cards for any recent ride. I don’t like the styling of these new images quite as much – they’re not as powerful-looking cycling-specific images as the old feed provided – but I’m still really pleased with what I can build with it!

Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby standing in a bicycle and smiling, in the background of text describing a ride. The ride is titled 2000s Ride and shows a graph of time in different heart rate zones.

This morning’s ride was a good start to a busy Sunday. I also got to test out my custom little Shiny app for building nice little shareable images with the Peloton API!