This note by @manton reminded me that I’ve been meaning to update my media endpoint to remove location data: for iOS now strips the location and other metadata from photos before uploading too. It’s easy to overlook but really important.

Now, so does my micropub posting flow!

My son sent me on an Easter egg hunt that ended with a leaf on which he had written I LOVE YOU, so my day is pretty good.

Black and white photo of a coffee cup and small camera.

Brought the little Fuji along for breakfast this morning!

Heart rate plot showing a hard workout (lots of high heart rate percent numbers).

Got this Friday started right, with a really good spin session. Now: eating all the breakfasts.

Watching TV 📺! I have mixed-at-best feelings about Dan Simmons’ novel The Terror, but I’m mostly impressed with the TV adaptation. It’s utterly suffused with dread and has some striking visuals and strong performances, so far. Anybody else checking it out?

Spacemacs and org are not behaving on this new work laptop. I’m going to need patience and more ☕️.

Streaks looks like just my kind of app. I have regular gym workouts but this is great for my in-between days when I need to get in my exercise minutes.

👍 Liked: Track Changes: Decentralized Journalism : A Conversation with Maria Bustillos

An interesting discussion of an attempt to build a journalism product using blockchain methodology — on the always fun Track Changes podcast.

Screens hot: My iPhone home screen

Experimenting with a focused iPhone home screen. (The rest of the pages are a complete disaster, of course.)

👍 Liked: Woke @marcoarment is my favorite @marcoarment.

My friend Joel (@joeld) has produced a nice, high quality book of the EFF dice word list. Check it out!

These three photos are taken just about as quickly as I could press the shutter button on my iPhone, and are a good illustration of just how fast this dog is. Note the distance she has covered, the side juke and puppy grin in photo #2, and how she loves to make the tower flyby at speed. (The pattern was full.)

👍 Liked: 🍔+🥚+🥓=🤩

By the power of grayskull that burger looks good.

I’m doing taxes and I’m out of bourbon, so I’m making an espresso and reflecting on the tax preparation industry’s success at making this such a pain in the ass.

👍 Liked: Back to the Blog | Dan Cohen on

It is psychological gravity, not technical inertia, however, that is the greater force against the open web. Human beings are social animals and centralized social media like Twitter and Facebook provide a powerful sense of ambient humanity—the feeling that “others are here”—that is often missing when one writes on one’s own site.

Very, very good thoughts from Dan Cohen on the technical and key social dynamics of siloed versus independent interaction online.

The dog has trained us well. Rather than knocking on her dish or the back door when she needs, she picks up a sock from the laundry pile and looks at us. If we get the message, she gets fresh water or to go outside; and if we don’t, she gets to eat the sock.

Collage of album cover art from iTunes

These weekly Apple Music favorites mixes are usually very hit and miss, but this one is good from start to finish. Not a skip in the list.

👍 Liked: About this website

@Miraz I love each time I’m still surprised by our sky when I get home late (so rarely!) or leave very early (more common). Seeing the milky way up there really is awe inspiring every time.

View of the San Francisco Peaks with a little snow, on the horizon.

I do live in a special place. We have clear and a dark nights, and we have the San Francisco Peaks sitting atop nearly every view in town. I like to take a snapshot of the changing seasons from my twelve minute commute.

On the death of the last male white rhino I’m recalling Douglas Adams’ and Mark Carwardine’s Last Chance to See. Carwardine writes that we must care about these creatures not simply because their loss represents irreversible damage to our planet and futures, but also because “the world would be a poorer, darker, lonelier place without them.”

/now: Reading up on h-entry and workin’ on my microformats.

Dark blue bottle of ink on a kitchen counter with orange tile behind it.

Yesterday, hanging out with my son who is on spring break: “Dad, what is ink made of?” What followed was a perfect hour long Wikipedia dive together into pigments, dyes, CMYK colors, lapis and iron oxide. I learned a bunch!

Picture of TV screen showing Mario Kart loading screen

Current state: trash talk.

Welcome to the rabbit hole!