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Pretty Good Hat

Two more thoughts: My wife and I got all dressed up to go see John Prine in concert when we were in grad school. It was a beautiful Saturday night in Tucson. The show was on Friday. I think he would have thought that was pretty funny. And, this road trip story is wonderful, one of my very favorite things: Peace.

Image of the album cover for Great Days, a young John Prine leaning against a wall I vividly remember riding in the front passenger seat of a VW Rabbit, on the way up the steep road to Powder Mountain with my dad, listening to a tape of John Prine. I was probably nine. It may be the first memory I have of really paying attention to music. (It was certainly the first time my dad explained marijuana to me, when I asked what Illegal Smile meant! Later I would read the liner notes for his wonderful anthology “Great Days,” where Prine asserts that the song was never about drugs, but it became such a beloved pot smoker anthem that he didn’t have the heart to break it to them.

My new evening rule is to hard-quit Twitter at dinnertime. All the horror, anger, anxiety & forethought of grief will still be there tomorrow, but I’m better for not spinning in it all night. Hang in there, John Prine.

Y’all know I’m pretty humble. But there should be a FIELDS MEDAL for the way I just fit all that stuff in the dishwasher.

Today’s great discovery is stringr::str_extract with a nice regular expression.

So Pearl Jam has a new album and this review I read calls them a “classic rock” band so I’m dead etc. 🎶

Crap. I got new speakers and amplifier, and now I’m one of those insufferable guys who can tell the difference between mp3 and FLAC. 🎶 DON’T SAY OGG VORBIS